Our dog ADORES Patrick

After searching online for dog trainers, I was convinced by the Yelp reviews to give Patrick a try, so I feel like I should give back.  Patrick is an amazing trainer. Our dog didn't have any major behavioral issues, but we were pretty clueless about training him despite having grown up around dogs, and as our German Shepherd/Border Collie mix reached 1, it was clear there was potential for him to get used to his bad habits and be a bit of a pest.  

Our dog ADORES Patrick.  It's such a pleasure to watch them work together, and it's so important to me that our dog enjoys the sessions which he does immensely.  Patrick's approach to training is so logical.  He gives great explanations, and the combination of his years of experience and his excellent communication skills makes it pretty much impossible to A. not understand what he's talking about, and B. not agree.  

We've spent quite a bit of money on private lessons so far, and still have a few to go, but the changes we're seeing makes it totally worth the investment. Our pooch is more confident, obedient, and happy.  We still have some work to do (like another reviewer said - a lot of it is up to the owners), but we're prepared to put in the time and really looking forward to seeing even better results and an even happier pup.

An A plus teacher and trainer

Pat at incredible canine is an A plus teacher and trainer. Nothing short of incredible results with my German shepherd. I have the most obedient dog of anyone I know and I highly recommend pats services.

Patrick is a wonderful trainer

Patrick is a wonderful trainer who clearly understands dogs AND the people who live with them! We rescued our dog from the streets and have no idea what her life was like before she came to us. She has always been wonderful with our children, but impossible to walk on a leash and prone to anxiety and a vicious response to bicycles and other dogs walking in our neighborhood. When we contacted Incredible Canine, we were desperate. We had a dog we loved, but couldn't control. Before taking the unbearable step of surrendering her, we felt we owed it to her to give intensive training a try.  

Patrick has the firm hand and working knowledge of canine behavior to get results. At the same time, it is clear that he has deep affection and respect for dogs. (Our dog loves him!)  He's also clearly an overall smart guy, who has a way of training people (with excellent metaphors and clear instructions) as well as their dogs. Working with him has changed our relationship with our dog. We can walk her on a leash for the first time and have learned so much about how to work with her to alleviate her anxiety, aggression, and other negative behaviors. It's an ongoing process, but we are actually enjoying it and seeing improvements all the time.

Patrick will tell you from the beginning that he can deliver great training results, but a key piece of success is the willingness of the dog's owners to put in the training hours too. Patrick certainly did his part and now we are doing ours.  

It's also worth saying that we tried several other trainers before Patrick. None of them had the knowledge or fortitude to deal with our dog's issues. After wasting a good amount of money on strategies that didn't work, I wish we had found Patrick earlier. We highly recommend Incredible Canine!

She came back a different dog

Patrick's in Santa Rosa but he is totally worth the hour drive. Our dog was aggressive with other dogs. We left her with him for three weeks, and she came back a different dog -- heeling off-leash, coming when we called her, and able to play with other dogs. I can't recommend him enough. He's been training dogs for fifty years or something like that and he's amazing. He really knows how to deal with behavioral issues like aggression. Plus our dog loves him.

Patrick is very knowledgeable and experienced...

Patrick is very knowledgeable and experienced, with like a million years in the dog training business.  He took our rescued lab with NO attention span and in the space of three weeks had her sitting, heeling, and laying down on command where even after months I couldn't consistently get her to listen. She is a different dog - confident, happy, well mannered.


PLEASE BE CAREFUL of other trainers who talk about their successes but won't take on a difficult dog or throw problem dogs out of their classes. Patrick may seem to be more expensive than Petsmsart, Pawsitive Results, and the rest of that kind, but in the long run he is much less expensive.  I can't praise Incredible Canine enough. Patrick will take your problem dog and help you to discover the wonderful partner your dog can be.