Boot Camp

don't leave you dog at home, take it with youThese programs are two, three, or 4 weeks of intensive training and socialization followed by extensive transfer instruction. Which program is right for you depends on many factors. During the training evaluation we will identify the right program for you once we have a thorough understanding of your dogs' personality and behavioral issues. We will take into account the degree of training, if any, your dog has had and what your specific goals are. The programs are primarily designed to enrich your dog's quality of life (and yours). Do you find yourself leaving your dog home because his behavior is embarrassing in public? Do you have a lack of control or is your dog aggression toward people or other dogs? Do you just not have the time? If any of these questions apply to your situation, this is the program for you. This is the best training available for incorrigibles although every dog will excel upon completion. 

Our training program will get you exactly what you are looking for - cooperation and control at all times. The way we train is a two step process. First we train your dog then we transfer the training to you and the family and instruct you in how to maintain the training for life.



private 6x12 foot dog kennels

Your dog will stay with us for the initial in-board training period. We will work with your dog daily to achieve a first command response under any level of distraction. We generally train in several steps. First we show your dog the behaviors we want through gentle guidance into the various positions and movements. We reward what we want and ignore all else until s/he understands the commands. 



We then instill a work ethic wherein your dog will develop a certain urgency to comply. We do this through physical and verbal rewards such as sweet talk and calm gentle stroking. At the same time we begin to whittle away at behaviors that we don't want by giving light corrections verbally and through the leash. These are not meant to hurt or in any way intimidate but rather to give the dog some negative feedback that begins to bend your dog's will toward cooperation and to set up a dominant/subordinate relationship.


The final step is what sets me apart from other trainers. We call it the proofing stage. This is where we use bigger and bigger distractions until your dog will work under any conditions. When do you need obedience the most? When it's hardest to get!


But, it's not all work and no play. During your dog's stay s/he will receive a huge amount of attention and affection from the trainers and staff and will get to romp with the other dogs several times a day.

 doggy boot camp play timeboot camp play time


During the in-board portion of the training we let all the training dogs socialize and play four times a day, seven days a week. We believe that a social dog is a well-adjusted dog and we need to get the dog's basic social needs met in order to reach a point where the dog is most receptive to the training. These periods are closely supervised and each dog's social behavior is modified towards the canine norm. Any fear and/or aggression issues are dealt with during these outings.


We firmly believe that all dogs are born social. Sometimes things happen that turn a friendly dog into an aggressive animal. If your dog reacts aggressively when it sees other dogs, or even some humans, it's usually because he doesn't know how to trust. He may be experiencing anxiety or even fear and could be over-compensating with aggression.


In either case, he needs to learn to trust before he can relax and enjoy the social opportunities that a normal, healthy pack (human or canine) can provide. We are experts at returning a dog to its natural social state. Teaching a dog to play is a big step in rounding out its personality. We believe a dog that can interact normally with other dogs will be in better mental health and be better able to overcome any fear or aggression problem.

 Calm, happy, and relaxed boot camp student

When the in-board period is over, it's your turn to learn! Now we have to turn you and your dog into a cohesive team. We do this with transfer lessons every week until you have a first command response by voice or hand-signal to all commands and have all behavioral problems solved. Our goal here is a seamless integration of training to lifestyle. Our training is so much more than teaching obedience commands and stopping your dog from jumping on people. We want it to be total and comprehensive behavioral modification. Your new relationship with your dog will be based on cooperation and love and a new-found mutual respect.


Once We have the dog to this point in his/her education we switch from dog trainer to instructor and begin to fade out as you take over. No matter how much work we do with your dog the training will not be complete until you have the same level of dominance and control that we have established. We can’t do this without you and there is no substitute for your involvement.


For more information check out our Boot Camp Information Sheet.

Results are Guaranteed!

Our Guarantee

We guarantee a first command response on a loose leash, under distraction, to the obedience commands provided that you follow through with your homework. If your initially-stated goals are not met by the end of the fifth transfer lesson following the in-board portion of training, all further training to meet those goals will be free of charge.


Due to the nature of dogs, results on aggression issues cannot be guaranteed.


Command Structure

Voice & Hand Signals   Basic   Intermediate   Advanced
    On Leash Off Leash   On Leash Off Leash   On Leash Off Leash
 Heel   X     X     X X
 Sit   X     X     X X
 Down   X     X     X X
 Stand         X     X X
 Sit - Stay   X     X     X X
 Down - Stay   X     X     X X
 Stand - Stay         X     X X
 Come w/ Sit   X     X X   X X
 Finish w/ Sit   X     X     X X
 About (turn)         X     X X
 Settle    X     X     X X
 Okay   X     X     X X
Informal Commands                  
 No   X     X     X X
 Off   X     X     X X
 Leave It         X     X X
 Quiet         X     X X
 Back         X     X X
 Wait   X     X     X X
 Kennel         X     X X
 Load Up         X     X X
 Dress         X     X X
Transfer Lessons   3   5   unlimited
Behavioral Problem Solving   X   X   X