We use the natural approach . We guide the dog toward the behaviors we desire and reward lavishly with verbal and physical praise and play. We believe that a healthy, natural relationship in the DOG WORLD is based on rank (dominance/subordination), as well as the drives for social bonding (pack drive), and physical interaction (play drive).

All breeds are welcome, neutered or intact, male or female, eight weeks or 13 years old. We love pit bulls as much as Labradors.

Since 1972. Over 40 years of full time training.

Almost always. We specialized in the social dynamics of canine psychology. What can’t be cured can be controlled.

It depends on so many variables. We can be pretty specific once we know your dog’s history, temperament and personality and, of course, your goals. All this can be established by taking advantage of our Free Evaluations.

Absolutely. We can teach any dog to come when called on or off-leash.

Every dog we train is guaranteed to walk on a loose leash under all kinds of distraction.

The best way we’ve found is to take them for a walk together. This can be very dangerous if not done properly. We can help you with this on a consultation basis or with any of our training programs.

Definitely, if your dog can already get along with the other dogs. For a dog suffering from dog aggression we would need to evaluate it before we can be sure.

Evaluations are always free.

Every dog that finishes training with us will be able to pass the CGC.

Yes, we have an excellent daycare program. See our daycare page for more information.