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About Patrick O'Connor

I began my career in dogs 45 years ago as an apprentice under a retired chief of police with 20 years of experience as a police K9 trainer. Since then I have made my living training dogs in many fields of the canine world.


In the early 80s I began working at Ray Allen Manufacturing, the largest purveyor of working dog equipment in the country. During the next decade I designed much of the innovative police K9 training equipment still in use today. I took over as president and chief operating officer of the company in the early 90s.


During this period I attended dozens of the most advanced training seminars hosted by the United States Police K9 Association, the North American Police Working Dog Association and the Washington State Police Canine Association. Not much later I began instructing at many of these seminars. I also became the only civilian trainer to instruct at 20 of the International Police K9 Conferences. I am a California P.O.S.T. certified Police K9 Evaluator.


Over the past 25 years I have been the training director of the Southern Colorado Schutzhund Club, the North Bay Working Dog Club, the Redwood Schutzhund Club and the Redwood Working Doberman Club. At various times I have been certified as a trial helper by the DVG, Schutzhund USA and the WDA.


I have been the contract trainer for the Northwest Region of Canine Companions for Independence. I was responsible for the training of service dog candidates from 8 weeks of age through to matriculation into advanced training at 16 months.


I was elected president of the UDC in early 2012 and served two terms. The UDC is a national organization dedicated to preserve and protect the Doberman Pinscher and its heritage as a working dog.


My wife, Lorna, and I have been breeding Dobermanns of European descent since 2001. Our goal is to breed the Total Dobermann with health, beauty and drive. We have two handler-owned and trained Champion SchHIIIs that have both attained the coveted ZTP breed suitability designation. We believe that a well-bred dog can be competitive in both conformation and the dogsports.